Avon Romeo was determined to not let the foundering of his plan result in the augmentation of the quality of fortuitousness that his enemies had come endemically to acculturate their habitudes with, pertaining to their hauteur at having guilefully survived the moral apocalypse, one that forced them to enervate their faculty of recursive reasoning, and to rely upon the sympathetic glitches of a malevolent universe, every single day, to maneuver through clutters of concretes to a cloying expanse of consecrated concupiscence.

His lusty frame glistened under a ferrous sun, from sweat wrung out of
a muscular torso that was now arduously ascending the mossy breaches of a hillock turgescent with the rotting carcasses of halcyon combatants who had harried haplessly against the burly orangutans of abstemious faith, fashioned out of puerile brute and asinine hopes, and who now lay as suspended martyrs between the gorges of death and decay, festering the ultrastructure of human resilience, and irrigating fertile fields of valorous seeds with molten resolve.

With sturdy arms twisting itself to unyielding striations of deadlocked perfection, he continued pulling his rustic wagon behind him, his body attached to the priceless invention it quartered, ever grappled onto its enginery like an adamantine chain of the craftiest interlocking.

As he moved his deific form upward, he hammered onto his pulsating impetus a plethora of formless fury, thereby accelerating his ascent by what was now a monstrously aggravated crave for justice. He focused onto a memory which, with prime prudence, he had extirpated from his mind, and garnered its fractured constituents from suppressed stations across his subliminal tunnels to refurbish mentally an object that his heightened sense of derelish could suckle at. He deliberated at the inability of mortals to understand that god is but a fraudulent philosopher, cowering behind thrones of their complacent making, under pedestals raised in blind reverence, cornered against immuring slabs of coruscating granite, intricately ornamented, within a warren of inane warehouses that stood witness to erroneous, erratic, elegiac whims, eddying about in aleatory swirls untethered to cymatic ordinance, for translucent egoists to smuggle faith into their otherwise impenetrable fortresses of ratiocination.

Despite his stalwart build, his limbs quivered from the laborious exertion as his feet strenuously scampered about in search of softer orifices to find reliable footing within, granulating soft rocks in its wake and etching a singular trail of silted concoctions of putrefied slush and arterial sediments against the slope of the hillock, a streak of browned red evident as an unstitched wound upon an appalling, rebarbative swelling of the flesh.

The apex was approaching, and Avon tightened his bloodied grip on his debilitate wagon. Madness swarmed in and threatened to drown him with a sense of saturnine satiety, but he impelled himself forward, pushing his thus panegyrized physicality to limits outvied, and roared with frightening vehemence:

“The gods of men are anxious to retire from their deplorable employments, ashamed of salaries procured from gallivanting down alleyways domiciled by contrived dullards, intimidating them into betraying their sovereignty for an unnameable collective, looting them off their cogitative valuables and offering sacrosanct intangibles in return, infusing their genes with risible tales that distort epistemological functionalities by means of planned amortization with preached notions of undercover benevolence, with due obeisance paid to misconstrued metaphors and maundering maudlin moods that metastasize malignantly inside the thought factory of the human mind.”

A python skited out of the ground and pelted itself at the ascending man. In a sweeping arc of taut tension, like the blunted blade of the most ruthless rotor,
he thwacked the snake away, sending it flailing hysterically across the darkening sky to a diffident demise.

“The deities are terrified, hoping only that they be ousted out of the coercive monarchy with considerable dignity, desperate for negotiations with the men of the mind, who they now decree as the rightful legatees of the empty scrolls and vacuous palaces that dogmatic denominations were once festooned with, and aching hard at every opportunity lost at surrendering to the forfeiture of their sanctimonious sanctity.”

The man bent down and knelt upon the sodded summit of the knoll. The pleasure of having accomplished a task invariably implausible for other floundering mortals brought him no sybaritic sentiments. He propelled himself against the ground and stood spurred by his desire to fulfill his mission. The tarp, enshrouded within which his scientific invention torpidly remained, was torn apart and carried away by a behemothic breeze.

Nestled within a transparent cube made of the toughest fiber was an acuminated cylinder, with a jumbled protrusion of thick wires obtruding against the trellised archway channeling their flow, a compendia of coiling curvatures, forming a reticulum of electrical traceries, before conflating into a spiraling tendril that drilled into a cuboidal monolith of steel outside the encasing glass, connecting the core of the circuitry, through a perspicacious plexus, to an operable board of control.

Avon Romeo proudly studied his mechanical masterpiece, contemplating the electrical artistry of the aesthetic appliance, sensuously stroking its brushed texture, fondling with the supine switch, and tantalizing hungry cables with a promise of the most erotic surge of luscious energy.

“The Avotron shall forever rid this planet of its epistemic dissonance. It shall, for the purpose of cosmic aliment, cleanse the temple of reverenced rationality off its egregious corruptors, off the lecherous trammelers of cerebral advancement, off the faltered percipience of pathological pundits, off the insentient indolence off schismatic scholars, off metamorphosed intelligences masticating on rotten meninges, and off irrational scroungers singing sordid symphonies for an ignoble retreat into carnivorous canopies.”

It is common knowledge that electric fields that radiate out of brain tissue as electrical waves have electrical signals between neurons as its generator. The measurement of brainwaves thus detected using an electroencephalogram endows one with the discerning ability crucial for understanding neuronal activity in the brain.

The brain function can then selectively be controlled by transcranial magnetic stimulation, a technique that beams into an active brain powerful pulses of electromagnetic radiation to excite or drive a wedge into parts of the neuronal circuitry.

The Avotron was an invention that outrivaled the established ethical effrontery of other apparatuses, and one that transmuted into being identified as a weapon of cortical terrorism, one that cohered a complex connection with collective cerebrums unto a culmination within itself, with waves traveling in frequencies as yet unknown to man, forming an impalpable lattice of disparate intellects across the globe, letting one wield the perquisites of the superior science of encysting an idea into every human mind on the planet.

The mettlesome man threw open the switch and launched the sonic oscillators, inching closer to a polyester microphone, resting his forehead against the vibrating equipment.

“May this instrument of syllogized lustration liberate your stoic spirits.”

Stationed likewise, Avon Romeo vocalized the priceless word that would thereby release the realm of the tellurians from architected turpitude and obliterate the unconscionable adversaries of reality, rendering the political domain free from their parasitic predominance. It was a word that designated a concept unfathomable to altruistic automatons, one that convicted the integrative impotency of their conceptual faculty, vandalizing the immunity of their fraudulent frontal cortex like a virus unleashed upon the most spurious software of morality.

Avon Romeo laughed as the subjectivists of the universe collapsed, their lusterless bodies decorating the streets in a celebration for the utopia to come.
He had accomplished that for which he had slaved a decade in anomalous endurance. The world was now for the men of reason to take, ignite to virtuous luminosity and commandeer to ruthless achievement.

“In this prospective ideal world of my making, I am, by the inexorable standards of objective law, a criminal, one who has encroached upon the rights of men, a right that ought to have been derived from their right to life, but that which clearly was not, and I, therefore, can hold no claim to the right to violate a right.”

“I am a terrorist who has brought upon the mass destruction of bioelectric potential harboured within the denuded somatosensory capabilities of callous ogres, who, in the eyes of law, I agree are individuals nevertheless.”

“For this intolerance of mine towards immorality, I shall be incarcerated for the unrelenting span of my life, and it is a judgment I shall submit to with minimal defiance.”

“However, I value my life much too fondly to volitionally let the law meddle with the beauty of my soul, and idurate the resolute fluidity of my genius.”

Avon Romeo extricated from his cotton satchel a pert firearm, proffering himself, with modest temerity, the tool for his salvation. He rested the ring of metallic frigidity against his warm temple, and gazed far into the venerated vista of the horizon pocketing a falling sun.

“My beloved, it was truly an honour to engage with your metaphysics.
Thank you, for everything, and I will miss you indefinitely.”

A thunderous blast from a gunshot echoed endlessly in the electric air.

Aravind Deepak
The Unconditional Maverick

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Diligent dreamer. E-mail: aravinddeepak@hotmail.com

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